Jimmy McKinney is an American recording artist, songwriter and music producer who goes by Jimmy Culture among other stage names.


Founded in 2010 by Jimmy McKinney, NeuGeneration Records LLC and DiamondLife have strived to assist independent artists be heard. JimmyCulture.com was developed by Jimmy McKinney as a platform for independent artists worldwide to network, be inspired and achieve success. JimmyCulture.com is the home of independent music inspired by true lifestyle. JimmyCulture.com offers the independent creator impeccable opportunities, live references, professional services and amazing assistance. Whether you're looking for booking assistance, need help getting your music on the radio or are looking to get your music distributed, JimmyCulture.com is for you...

The Independent Artist.

NeuGeneration Records LLC provides Artist Management and Marketing Assistance, Recording & Production Assistance and Distribution via a Network of Universal Partners & Affiliates. Most resources are available online. Any offers exclusive to JimmyCulture.com are limited to interaction within the site. Our brands include DiamondLife, StarGate, Original 9X, Embrace Culture, New Rich Kids Club and Established in Southern California, Fresh Since The 9x. NeuGeneration Records LLC catalog currently includes music from Dem Cuntry Boyz, Chase Dough, Wicked Haize and New Rich Kids Club, as well as Jimmy McKinney himself.

Welcome to DiamondLife.

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